Field Work

Proposals for change must arise from the rigorous understanding of present circumstances. Gutter to Gulf works in the field to develop clear documentation of New Orleans’s existing conditions.

Visitors to New Orleans can download Gutter to Gulf's guidebooks and field reports from this page. These documents offer synthetic guides to the city, drainage service area by drainage service area.

2011 Guidebook:
Introduction (6 MB)
Chapter One: Service Area 3 (7 MB)
Chapter Two: Service Area 2 (3 MB)
Chapter Three: Service Area 1 (10 MB)
Chapter Four: Service Area 6 (9 MB)
Chapter Five: Service Area 7 (7 MB)
Chapter Six: Service Area 12 (5 MB)
Chapter Seven: Service Area 4 (9 MB)
Chapter Eight: Service Area 19-17 (10 MB)